Sir Grayden Valaran (retirement)

Champion of Saint Behril

Class: Expert 1/Fighter 2/Knight 2/Paladin 4/Pious Templar 3 Race: Human Alignment: Lawful Good Deity: The One God
Size: Medium Age: S-27 C-28* Gender: Male Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 220 lbs Eyes: Grey Hair: Blonde Skin: Pale – Tanned

*Due to his time spent in Celestia, Grayden has aged only 28 years despite being born 29 years ago

Allegiances: Integrity, St. Behril, The Crown of Golir, The Blades

Ability Score 16 10 12 14 11 14
Ability Modifier +3 +0 +1 +2 +0 +2

Maximum HP: 96

Fortitude : 15 = 10 (base) + +1 (CON) + 2 (Great Fort.) + 2 (Divine Grace)
Reflex : 4 = 2 (base) + 2 (Divine Grace)
Will : 10 (11) = 8 (base) + 2 (Divine Grace) + (1 (Knight’s Challenge))

Armor Class : 21 (22) = 10 (base) + 3 (B.D.B.) + 5 (Mithral Breastplate) + 2 (Large Steel Shield) + 1 (Large Shield Specialization) + (1 (Shield Block))

B.A.B.: + 11/+ 6

Smite: +2 attack / +7 Damage

Knight’s Challenge: +1 attack / +1 Damage

Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Critical Range Damage Type Notes
Justice +16 / +11 1d8+6+(2d6 if evil) 19-20 x2 Slashing/Magic #s included Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, and +1 Sword Bonuses
Mighty +3 Composite Longbow +11 / +6 1d8+3 20 x3 Piercing 130 feet, Dwarven wrought
Dwarven Warhammer of Shatter +14 / +9 1d8+3+(Shatter spell) 20 x3 Bludgeoning/Magic x1 per day
Longspear +14 / +9 1d8+6 20 x3 Piercing Range, Stored with Pacer

Knight Class Features

Class Feature Level Acquired Notes
Knight’s Challenge 3 1st level Knight, 2 uses per day, see below
Knights Code 3 1st level Knight, Does not benefit from flanking bonus (still provides bonus), Never strikes at a flat footed opponent, Never deals Lethal damage to a helpless foe
Mounted Combat 4 2nd level Knight
Shield Block +1 4 2nd level Knight
Knight’s Challenge Notes
Fighting Challenge Swift action, target must have Int of 5 or higher, have a language of some sort, and have a CR greater than or equal to your character level minus 2. Gain a +1 morale bonus on Will saves and a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against the target. If your chosen foe reduces you to 0 or fewer hit points, you lose two uses of your knight’s challenge ability for the day. The effect of a fighting challenge lasts for a number of rounds equal to 5 + your Charisma bonus (if any). You cannot switch foes if your original target is still active.

Paladin Class Features

Class Feature Level Acquired Notes
Aura of Good 5 1st Level Paladin
Detect Evil 5 1st Level Paladin
Smite Evil x1 per day 5 1st Level Paladin
Lay on Hands 6 2nd Level Paladin
Divine Grace 6 2nd Level Paladin
Divine Health 7 3rd Level Paladin
Aura of Courage 7 3rd Level Paladin
Turn Undead 8 4th Level Paladin, 5 times per day

Pious Templar Class Features

Class Feature Level Acquired Notes
Mettle 10 A pious templar’s special blessing allows her to shrug off magical effects that would otherwise harm her. If a pious templar makes a successful Will or Fortitude saving throw that would normally reduce the spell’s effect, she suffers no effect from the spell at all. Only those spells with a Saving Throw entry of “Will partial,” “Fortitude half,” or similar entries can be negated through this ability.
Smite Evil 1x Day 11 Stacks with Paladin for total of 2 Smites per day.
Damage Reduction 12 DR 1/-
Weapon Specialization 12 +2 Damage with Longswords
Spell Casting 12 1 1st level cleric spell, Technically gained at level 11, but unusable until Wisdom reached 11 at level 12.


Feat Level Acquired Notes
Toughness 1 default
Great Fortitude 1 Human bonus feat
Quick Draw 2 1st level Fighter
Shield Specialization (Large) 3 3rd Level Character, +1 to Large Shield Use
Leadership 6 6th Level Character
Weapon Focus: Longsword 9 2nd Level Fighter, +1 to attack with Longswords
True Believer 9 9th Level Character, +2 to 1 save once per day, can wield “relics”
Renowned Leader 12 12th Level Character, +2 to Leadership Score, Homebrew Feat (OKed by Ian)

Grayden’s Leadership Score Bonus/Penalty
Character Level +12
Charisma Bonus +2
Great Renown +2
Fairness and generosity +1
Special power +1
Stronghold +2
Has a familiar, special mount, or animal companion –2
Moves around a lot –1
Renowned Leader Feat +2
Total 19

Stronghold: The Haven of Amaranthine Luminance

Cohort (Max Level= 10): Content Not Found: eppie-gotrind (Aristocrat 1/Warrior 1/Fighter 2/Barbarian 6)

The Followers of Grayden Valaran

Skill Total Ranks Ability Modifier Bonus
Decipher Script 7 5 2
Diplomacy 8 4 2 2 (synergy from Knowledge: Nobility)
Forgery 5 3 2
Gather Information 5 3 2
Handle Animal 7 5 2
Heal 5 5 0
Intimidate 10 8 2
Knowledge: History 6 4 2
Knowledge: Local 3 1 2
Knowledge: Nobility & Royalty 7 5 2
Knowledge: The Planes 9 7 2
Knowledge: Religion 7 5 2
Ride 13 11 0 2 (synergy bonus from Handle Animal)
Search 7 5 2
Sense Motive 4 4 0
Spot 4 4 0

Languages Spoken - Golaidian, Kealeandish, Nad’Athan, Elven, Draconic, Dwarven

Possessions Notes
Mighty +3 Composite Longbow Dwarven wrought
Dwarven Warhammer of Shatter x1 per day
Mithril Breastplate Dwarven wrought
Light War Horse Name: Content Not Found: pacer
Military Saddle
Large Steel Shield
Crap Sack
35 Arrows
Shard Rings (nonoperational) Worn at all times, they remain the only physical reminder to Grayden’s Holy Quest to gather the Shards
I. Prologue

Grayden Valaran was born into a lower class family. Grayden’s father worked as a miner, his mother a maid to a local family. As a miner Grayden’s father lived away from home 3/4 of every year, returning only in the winter with the family’s badly needed annual income. 8 years after Grayden was born his father came across a group of dead adventurers that had died in a cave-in a very long time ago. Upon their corpses Grayden’s father found a number of magical items. On that day Grayden’s father took the items and left mining forever.

On his way home Grayden’s father sold the items and turned a great profit. Once home Grayden’s father used the money he had earned to find Grayden an apprenticeship with a local scribe. Grayden went to work transcribing tomes of information day-in and day-out. Over the years Grayden gained a love for reading and knowledge and many of the tomes he found in the library spoke of heroes and adventure which ignited a desire for adventure in Grayden.

At the age of 24 Grayden left home and joined in the siege of Keland in hopes of great adventure without saying goodbye to his family or his master. While at the siege Grayden first took in the concept of death and killing. When the battle began he was able to slay 3 men but was struck unconscious by an unknown assailant. When he came to Grayden saw that his army was routed and in retreat. While stumbling from the battlefield Grayden found the felled corpse of an enemy commander and took the masterwork equipment from the dead man.

Grayden returned home to Nadai only to find that everyone he had loved or respected had died from an unknown disease that had struck during the previous winter. Broken, alone and enraged at the Kingom of Keland and their allies the elves Grayden retired to a quiet life as a city guard.

II. The Beginning of Adventure

3 years have passed and Grayden now finds himself embroiled in the plot of the runaway princess of Golir, Content Not Found: tyra-do-urden-tisid. After stumbling upon her true identity he has sworn to keep her secret at her command. He sees his responsibility to protect the heiress whether she wants it or not. His first step was to keep her from the people that had originally kidnapped her and planned to ransom her. Grayden was only familiar with one other place, Lisil. And so it was that they began their adventure.

The pair stopped briefly in Glir to resupply and while there became embroiled in a leagal dispute between escaped slaves of Nada’Ath descent and their slavers. A man by the name of Sin Tal was eventuall found innocent of the crime of thievery from his previous captor. His captor was soon found guilty of harboring slaves. The event was not without a loss of life however as the entirety of Sin Tal’s friends and countrymen were murdered so as to prevent testimony. Upon parting Sin Tal bequeathed the “stolen” item in question a magical dwarven warhammer to Grayden and Tyra.

Grayden and Tyra then finished their journey to Lisil. Once there they battled automatons that erupted from the market street. Grayden and Tyra made aquaintence with a student at the wizarding school, one Marna and soon there after Content Not Found: ismar-nashatel.

Grayden accompanied Tyra to the reclamation of a long buried dwarven prison at the request of Lord Yuri of Lisil. While there, they found a human prisoner that had somehow outlived a dragon. It came to light the entire dig was to find this man who claimed to rain fire from the skies. It was at this point that Grayden began to question Yuri’s motives. Knowing this prisoner was too powerful to release Grayden and Tyra (with the help of Ismar) collapsed the tunnel thus preventing Yuri’s goon Pata from gaining access to the prisoner, Nimil.

Shortly thereafter we learned via a communication to Golir that Yuri and Pata were in fact dangerous men. The knight Sor appeared and killed who he thought to be Pata. Grayden saw through the ruse Pata had created and pursued on Pacer to fell the evil-doer. While ultimately unsuccessful Grayden showed great skill in pursuing and wounding Pata and his mount.

III. The Veil of Death

Grayden then returned to Golir with Tyra and became a knight in the service of the queen. He was also approached by Sor about Paladin-hood.

Grayden began researching St. Behril and left for a recovery mission in the Dark Woods. Within the woods Grayden and Tyra met up with Ismar, not knowing she was also bound to the tower. Even more suprising they befriended a group of Kelanders including Content Not Found: odewyn-werner, a man Grayden would come to respect and admire in the hours to come.

It was here, at the Tower of Serocas that the party was betrayed by Ismar who had in reality been allied with Yuri all along. Odewyn, Sir David and Grayden along with a two defected knights of Lisil, a Golirian mage and a demon named Taz held the tower against a large group of mages sent from Lisil. In the end Grayden and his associates could not hold the tower. They returned to Keland bloody and broken. While healing Grayden was forced to revisit many preconcieved notions in his life and took this time to come to grips with his racist and xenophobic preconceptions of elves. He even went so far as to befriend a young female elf who taught him some of the elven ways.

Grayden recovered and swore vengeance on Ismar and Yuri, vowing to regain the hammer he had stolen from him. He rode hard to Golir and was initiated into the Blades of St. Beril a holy order under the knight Sor. Grayden returned to Keland to once more assist princess Tyrina.

The pair ventured once more into the Dark Woods, this time joined by Elessa Johnson, Sir Davin Gotrind, and Sir Ulrich. They rendezvoused with Val, an elf Grayden had met briefly before within the Dark Woods. The group arrived too late and witnessed all of Val’s compatriots fall to an Ettin. Intent on wounding the alliance between Lisil and the Goblins the group pressed on and was at every turn betrayed by bad luck.

The adventure ended for Grayden at the attack on the Goblin camp. A magical fog was cresting the bank on which the team had originally descended into the goblin’s town. Dame Elessa Johnson, who had recently delivered her first born, was struggling to escape the fog’s touch. When she slipped Grayden did his best to attempt to retrieve her but the pair fell to the magic and afterwards finished off by goblins.

Things people know about Grayden’s time in Celestia:

  • He met with Dwarves who were committed to Saint Behril, they gifted him with a mithril breastplate.
  • He met with Sor’s gradfather and carried back a banner to gift him with.
  • He was gifted a magic blade called Justice that harms those of evil persuasion with a holy blue flame.
IV. The Resurrection

Grayden has since been returned from the dead at the behest of Saint Behril acting as Saint Behril’s chosen emissary in the mortal world on a holy quest to prevent the resurrection of The Wraith King, Bak’Aren Atas. He returned to the mortal realm at the location of his death. After a short verbal confrontation with Content Not Found: birik-kaelalk, Grayden departed with the collected remains of Elessa.

Grayden traveled South towards Golir paying his way by healing the sick where he could and camping. Grayden found that more time had passed outside of Celestia. He reunited with friends and allies and traveled with them North to Lisil where he helped to defeat Content Not Found: saricel amongst Verick’s plan to consecrate the city from the taint of The Wraith King. It was during this period of time that Verick helped to show Grayden the current whereabouts of The Shards by way of the magic rings Verick had in his possesion.

On his way back to Golir, Grayden was challenged by a young woman by the name of Content Not Found: eppie-gotrind. After being defeated she asked for Grayden to train her. He accepted and has since found her a fierce and competent warrior he is proud to fight alongside of.

Grayden returned to Golir and briefly adventured beneath the countryside with Odewyn and Sor, seeking to cleanse the evil of a shrine to Bak’Aren Atas and slay a dragon Sor had previously found there whom he believed to be Mesina, sister/wife to Yuri. It was this trip that opened diplomatic relations between Golir and the Kobolds beneath the surface.

Returning to the surface Grayden acknowledged the fact that he has spent to long not on the quest he was given and began preparations to depart Golir in search of the Shards. He was planned to attend Tyra’s wedding to Davin and then leave the city. It was during the wedding that Grayden confronted Mesina,, who attended as a small human child. What followed was a frightening battle in the streets of Golir. In the end however, Mesina was slain.

Many saw Grayden’s fight with the dragon and asked to join him in whatever capacity they could. To aid him in this quest he has allowed those strong enough to prove themselves the worthy of the permission to travel with him on his quest.

V. The Quest

After helping his compatriots slay the foul dragon Content Not Found: mesina at Tyra and Davin’s wedding, Grayden departed on his quest along with Eppie, Colin, Patrick and Samus. He has begun to travel North to the Elven Lands to consult the Elven keepers of lore on the fragments of knowledge he possesses on giants and red-skinned men. His plan is then to head West if the information he finds is congruent with what scraps of knowledge he already possesses.

Sir Grayden Valaran (retirement)

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