Verick York (origin)

Protector of the Weak & Admirer of Grayden Valaran

Class: Aristocrat 1/Cleric 3 Race: Human Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: The One God
Saint: Saint Mortimer Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 200 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Platinum Blonde Skin: Pale

Ability Score 14 10 12 12 17 10
Ability Modifier +2 +0 +1 +1 +3 +0

Maximum HP: 31

Fortitude : 4 = 3 (base) +1 (CON)
Reflex : 1 = 1 (base)
Will : 8 = 5 (base) + 3 (WIS)

Armor Class : 17 = 10 (base) + 5 (Masterwork Breastplate) + 2 (Masterwork Large Steel Shield w/ Spikes)

Feat Level Acquired Notes
Eschew Materials 1 default
Self-Sufficient 1 Human bonus feat
Turn/Rebuke Undead 2 1st level Cleric
Improved Shield Bash 3 3rd Level character

Skill Ranks Skill Modifier Misc Modifier
Concentration 2 1
Craft: Wall 3 1
Gather Information 2
Heal 3 3 2 (Self-sufficient)
Knowledge: Arcana 2 1
Knowledge: Architecture/Engineering 2 1
Knowledge: Geography 2 1
Knowledge: History 3 1
Knowledge: Nobility/Royalty 2 1
Knowledge: Religion 5 1
Listen 2 3
Profession: Writer 1 3
Spellcraft 1 1
Spot 2 3
Survival 2 3 2 (Self-sufficient)
Swim 2 2

Possessions Notes
Masterwork Breastplate
Masterwork Large Steel Shield w/ Spikes
Masterwork Mason’s Tools
Crap Sack
3 blank books
Ink (Black)
Ink (Red)
Silver Holy Symbol of St. Mortimer
10 Bullets
Belt Pouch
Traveling Clothes
Grappling Hook
10 Healer’s Kits
Cleric’s Vestment
Possessions not on Person Notes
Noble’s Outfit
Half of current gold

Languages Spoken - Golaidian, Kealeandish


George Verick York IV is the son of Duke George York III. He does not think poorly of his name but chooses to go by Verick so as to reduce the confusion when in conversation as most of the royalty of Keland seem to prefer to go without title.

Growing up Verick knew from an early age that he lived near the Bandit Woods which caused the difficult financial problems of York. Verick often did without so that the other village children felt a taste of the small privileges afforded to the son of the Duke of York. He instead hoarded knowledge and took to the studies his father had arranged for him.

A priest from the church saw to no small part of these lessons. It was from this priest that Verick learned of the saints. Among them he became particularly confused by one, Saint Mortimer. Mortimer saw to the protection and defense of God’s people, how was it that his protection escaped the people of York? At first Verick became angry and demanded to know why a servant of God would spurn those who prayed for protection. It came to Verick later that evening that perhaps prayer was where the problem stemmed; perhaps Saint Mortimer simply did not receive enough prayers necessary to garner a result. Verick became determined to rectify this and spent long hours every day in the church praying for the protection or those traveling to and from York.

Months and years passed and there was still no change. Finally Verick could stand it no longer and demanded from the priests why Saint Mortimer would allow such heinous acts to be carried out in spite of prayers for help. The priest that originally told Verick the story set him down and explained to him.

“Saint Mortimer is a unique Saint. Mortimer was a firm believer in helping those whom he knew would help themselves. He left a legacy among men recorded in books and in the traditions of masons, hidden in the very mortar of the wall that protects York. Child, Mortimer does not forsake you, he has placed the tools you have prayed for in these places. If you wish his protection for the citizens of York, you must use his tools and give it to them yourself.”

Verick understood. Years more passed which saw Verick studying the libraries of his father and saving for a suit of armor and shield. Verick prayed everyday, and instead of demanding answers he lifted thanks to Saint Mortimer for the tools he had left and that Verick would use.

The day finally came when Verick accompanied a patrol defending a caravan towards the Bandit Woods. Sure enough a group of bandits descended upon the caravan, weapons ready. There was a skirmish and one of the wagon drivers was injured badly. While the guards held back the attackers Verick rushed to the wagon driver who had fallen from his seat. Blood stained the man’s side and showed no sign of stopping. Verick panicked, he had done everything the lessons he had found said to do and still it was not enough. Verick prayed -

Saint Mortimer hear me please. I have followed everything I could find that you left for us. I have given of myself and my country in the defense of our citizens. Still it is not enough!? Please, I beg of you, ask God to find mercy and grant me the power to save this man. He was an innocent and all I wish is for his life.

Verick opened his eyes and found that the man’s wounds were healed. The man cried out and called Verick a miracle worker and praised that his life was saved. Verick was confused, he had done nothing, had he? He eventually convinced the man that he had not been as wounded as he thought himself but Verick could not convince himself. The rest of the trip he heard whispers of “magic” and “witchcraft” and “miracles”. Upon his return home, Verick read every book on magic in his father’s library, which was, given Keland’s ban, not much. From what little he gathered though was that what had happened was not the magic of wizards, but indeed the holy intervention of God.

Verick continued his prayers and every timed thanked God for the power to heal that man. He found that in time he could perform more miracles but always did so in the confines of solitude, ever afraid of what would happen should the citizens of Keland think him a practitioner of magic. Verick spent the remainder of his time doing as he believed Saint Mortimer himself would have done and traveled to the guardsposts within his father’s region and did his best to shore their defenses and build defensible walls near farms and pastures in the area.

This continued until shortly after Verick’s 18th birthday. While spending time among friends her heard a tale of a Knight from Golir who roamed the world defending a princess and those she took under her wing from harm. This man for sure was a follower of Saint Mortimer! Verick packed his belongings and ventured to Golir to study under the only other man he knew that would so selflessly give of himself, Sir Grayden Valaran.

Verick York (origin)

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