237 / "Virgil"

Immortal and trying to make the best of it

Abilities Scores Modifiers
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 30 +10
Wisdom 24 +7
Charisma 24 +7

Toughness: +6
Fortitude: +2
Reflex: +2
Will: +7

Attack +0
Ranged +10
Melee +0

Immunity 44 (All Innate)
- All lethal physical damage
- All lethal energy damage
- Aging
- Suffocation
- Starvation / Thirst

Comprehend 4 (Innate)
- Speak, read & aurally comprehend all languages

Super Senses 3 (Innate)
- Time Sense
- Postcognition
- Precognition

Temporal Inertia (Innate)
- Can recognize disruptions in the timestream

Dimensional Inertia (Innate)
- Can recognize disruptions in the makeup of the multiverse

- Hard to Disarm

Nauseate 13 (Innate)
- Ranged
- Distracting to use
- Triggered: While being attacked
- Limited: To being attacked mentally
- Must be used at full power

Device: Leather Jacket of Holding 4
- +4 to toughness saves
- Power: Dimensional Portal 8 (50,000 lbs.)
- Alternate Power: Super Base (Perpetua)

Eidetic Memory
Jack of All Trades
Well Informed
Master Plan
Attack Focus 10
Skill Mastery (Knowledge: Arcane Lore, Knowledge: Art, Knowledge: Behavioral Sciences, Knowledge: Business, Knowledge: Civics, Knowledge: Current Events, Knowledge: Earth Sciences, Knowledge: History, Knowledge: Life Sciences, Knowledge: Physical Sciences, Knowledge: Popular Culture, Knowledge: Streetwise, Knowledge: Tactics, Knowledge: Technology, Knowledge: Theology & Philosophy, Search)

As Lucky as the Next Guy: “237” never gains the benefit of Hero Points

Acrobatics +2
Bluff +7
Climb +2
Computers +10
Concentration +7
Craft: Anything +10
Diplomacy +7
Disable Device +10
Disguise +7
Drive +2
Escape Artist +2
Gather Information +7
Handle Animal +7
Intimidate +7
Knowledge (All) +13
Medicine +7
Notice +7
Perform +7
Pilot +2
Profession +7
Ride +2
Search +13
Sense Motive +7
Sleight of Hand +2
Stealth +2
Survival +7
Swim +7


“237” could fill libraries with his autobiography, and thus the following is only the most important information pertaining to his lives.

“237” is roughly 30,000 years old, give or take a decade. In every respect aside from his extremely long life “237” is a very normal man. “237” is merely a moniker for this individual as he long ago ceased caring what his name was. He has lived to the end of the multiverse 237 times, each time he awoke in a cave deep beneath the middle-east in the year 1878.

He remembers falling and finding a bottle that contained a djinn that granted “237” a single wish. He remembers, rather foolishly, wishing to never die. The djinn was a rather spiteful entity and since “237” had done what every other person ever had and used their only wish selfishly, the djinn cursed him. “237” would live forever, and when time itself ceased to function do to universal entropy “237” would be transported back through time to the moment after he made the wish, eternally.

After each iteration of his “life” “237” became more and more bored with living selfishly and soon learned his lesson. Around life number 110, “237” began to see little on earth between the years of 1880 and 2009 that surprised him. He had dined with gods and spat in their faces, he had seen the wonders of our solar system and lived a mundane life. It was time for something different. It was inevitable, he knew that in 2009, a mutiversal destroyer named Omega would come to his universe and snuff out it’s lifeforce, followed quickly by everything else in creation. “237” made it his job to find a set of heroes that were strong enough to resist this force and end it’s reign of temporal tyranny.

In his 208th iteration of life he found those heroes; Ori, Sable, Content Not Found: leo, Sarah, David, Vincent, Sergei and a number of other super-powered entites. Over the next 29 lifetimes he poked and prodded their destinies to a point that might bring about multiversal salvation. It was one of these heroes, Sable Waltz, that nicknamed “237” Virgil, since at the time he was leading them on a trip through a universe that was more or less the Christian concept of Hell, with Satan at the bottom and everything.

On his 237th life, he helped them succeed. Omega was defeated. Life was new and exciting. Sure, there were more villains and risks to the multiverse, but “237” would be there to see NEW villains and NEW risks to the multiverse. “237” even saw Omega return more than once, but each time he and the heroes he had found turned back the tide and protected the multiverse. One of these heroes, Sarah O’Malley (a god of light) eventually fell in a battle of Gods and antagonistic, primordial concepts of the multiverse. He has since carried her sword of light in memory of the things she did and the lives she saved, giving up her own. He has used it in multiple instance to push back the dark in the far reaches of the multiverse.

“237” now explores the multiverse looking for new and interesting things. In his travels he has seen numerous universes, some fantastic, some surprisingly mundane and similar to his home universe. It was in his travels that he fumbled across the universe in which he is currently stuck. His multiversal travel ring has broken, and while he attempts to repair it he has become embroiled in the events of this quirky universe; a universe that excels so well at Magi-Tech but can not seem to wrap their heads around the concept of other universes.

A Mutants and Masterminds character

237 / "Virgil"

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