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  • Sir Grayden Valaran (origin)

    Grayden Valaran was born into a lower class family. Grayden's father worked as a miner, his mother a maid to a local family. As a miner Grayden's father lived away from home 3/4 of every year, returning only in the winter with the family's badly needed …

  • Verick York (origin)

    George Verick York IV is the son of Duke George York III. He does not think poorly of his name but chooses to go by Verick so as to reduce the confusion when in conversation as most of the royalty of Keland seem to prefer to go without title. Growing …

  • Hobb O'Tool

    h2. *Sneazley* (Weasel) --- |*Ability Name*|*STR*|*DEX*|*CON*|*INT*|*WIS*|*CHA*|||| |*Ability Score*|3|15|10|2|12|5|||| |*Ability Modifier*|+1|+3|+1|+2|+1|+2||||

  • Quentin

    [[File:327386 | class=media-item-align-none | 500x500px | sagat___quiet_before_the_storm_by_bbadruddin-d4w4qeg.jpg]]